Frequently Asked Questions

We have transitioned our viewers to the latest HTML5 viewers, instead of the Silverlight® viewers we had previously. This transition was required due to all modern browsers removing support for Microsoft Silverlight® (currently, or in the near future).
Everything that we have available for public download can be found by visiting our Data Download Site.
Please follow the instructions on that page to access the site and download the desired data.
The GIS department does not create custom maps, nor do we print any maps for the public; however, we have created a map gallery of many of the most frequently requested maps.

If you would like to print a map, there are some print options:
  • On your computer, open a web browser and navigate to the York County GIS Map Gallery page.
  • Click on the desired map in the Gallery. The map will download as a Portable Document File (PDF) to your computer (in the browser or to a download folder – depending on your browser type and version).
  • Once you have opened the PDF, there should be an option to print the PDF or save it. (File/Save options may be menu options or appear as a toolbar at the bottom of the PDF when the mouse is moved nearby - depending on your browser type and version.)
  • If you desire a printed map larger than the capacity of your printer then save the PDF to a portable drive and have a large format shop print it for you (This could be a Kinkos, UPS, Staples, Office Depot, etc.).
The "Deeded Acres" section is maintained by the Tax Assessor's Office. Sometimes the tax assessors value parcels as a lot instead of using the "deeded acreage". In order for you to find the deeded acreage of a parcel, we would recommend viewing the recorded plat which is located in the Clerk of Courts' Office, or giving them a call at (803) 684-8505.
Currently, CAMA (computer-assisted mass appraisal) data for the properties in York County is not accessible from this website.
CAMA Data is property information such as: square footage; year built; all prior sales; heating type; etc.
JNT TNTS W/ROS: Joint Tenants With Rights of Survivorship

ETAL: The term "et al." is the shortened form of the Latin term "et alia," and means "and others." "Et al." is typically used as a space saver in situations where it would be impractical to list every person involved by name.
Please contact the York County Assessor's Office for questions regarding most parcel and property information (such as CAMA Data, property measurements, etc.).
They can be reached by email at, or by phone at (803)-684-8526.